Caroline Graff

Caroline Graff

  • Professor in genetic dementia research, Karolinska Institutet
  • New genetic markers
  • Genetic research and counselling in FTD
  • Biobank and database
  • Manager of The Brain Bank at KI
  • Physician, clinical genetecist

Professor Caroline Graff specializes in genetic studies for the identification of hitherto unknown gene mutations related to FTD, and mapping of mutations in known genes of individuals with FTD. The aim is to increase our understanding of the etiology of the disease, and to be able to improve the medical evaluations regarding the assessment of the risks of heredity in following generations of relatives to the patients.

Caroline is also head of clinical studies involving individuals with 50% risk of developing FTD. By following these individuals throughout their lives by regularly performing tests such as magnetic resonance imaging, cognitive testing, EEG, clinical examinations, blood tests, CSF testing and skin biopsies, it is possible to yield information of the disease from the very early onset and its progressive course. The aim is to use this information to develop preventive treatments for FTD, and to be able to track any possible effects of treatments during clinical trials of novel medications.

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